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The ingredient for effective writing

Zeeshan Wasim

The people, who are interested in writing, whether it is fictional or professional, always look for secrets that can help them become good writers. There are so.....

Self-made and white elephant

Dr Humayun Huma

Some people annoy rather reject my plea with harsh words when I use word ‘self-made’ for such people who are not born with silver spoon in their mouth but.....

Need for environmental protection

Engr Sabir Hussain

Global atmospheric temperature is continuously increasing due to greenhouse gases which in consequences affect climate, ozone, food production, air quality.....

Dara Shikoh: the prince of hearts

Osama Siddiqui

Dara Shikoh was born in Ajmer and was the eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. His birth was celebrated and he was loved by his father because of his charm.....

Substandard food: a big dilemma

Habib Ullah

Balance nutrition is required for every individual and it should be the responsibility of the government to provide it on priority basis as it is one of the basic.....

Language and its power

Muhammad Shahab

Over the last fifty millenniums, humans have developed a complicated system of expression which we know today by speaking, listening, reading and writing—th.....

Control prices


During the last two years, the prices of essential items and basic commodities have increased upto an extremely high level and now balanced diet is like a dream for.....

Need for scientific literacy


The world has been suffering from Corona pandemic for the last one year, resulting in huge losses of human beings in terms of life, financial, social and political .....