Need for scientific literacy


The world has been suffering from Corona pandemic for the last one year, resulting in huge losses of human beings in terms of life, financial, social and political aspects and has changed the dynamics of the global economy. Although, the Covid-19 eradication will take time but its complete elimination needs putting some responsibilities on us which include maintaining social distancing, wearing face mask and sanitizing or washing hands regularly. Here, it is to be noted that in the start of Corona outbreak, people did not consider it seriously in many countries, resulting the happening of hundreds and thousands of deaths from this fatal disease, and after high death ratio, people took it seriously but the time had passed and it could not compensate the loss of precious human lives. Therefore, there is a dire need for following the SOPs regarding precautionary measures to avoid Corona. However, it can only be possible, if the people will be scientifically literate. If we talk about the situation of Corona epidemic in Pakistan, there will be seen a very poor scientific literacy among the folks to eradicate Coronavirus by adopting precautionary measures. Experts are predicting a new wave of the outbreak, therefore, the government and the concerned authorities should focus on developing and promoting scientific literacy among the people to end this challenging situation. In this regard, media, civil society and non-government organisations should also play their due role to make aware the masses about the repercussions of not following the SOPs which can lead to a huge disaster. The media should give enough space to health education and scientific literacy, instead of sensitization while the civil society and NGOs should come forward to guide the folks on gross root level by pulling out Pakistan from this uncertain situation.

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