Sat, 18-May-2024


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Govt's performance amid Corona crisis

Mansoor Ahmad

Successful leaders see opportunities in every crisis rather than difficulty in every opportunity. The current government and leadership of Pakistan confront pol.....

A country I would love to visit

Markandey Katju

I have never visited Pakistan but I always wanted to visit it as I have heard so much about the beautiful places over there. I would like to visit Lahore, whe.....

Globalization after Corona

Muhammad Javed Jadoon

20th century brought revolution in the world as new ways of communication and transportation such as satellites, ships, railways, airways and motorways .....

Reading – a habit on decline

Syed Badshah

The famous English writer Sir Francis Bacon in one of his essays says: “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” However.....

Coronavirus: rumors and speculations

Habib Ullah

These days our planet is under the calamitous effects of severe intimidations. These threats could be sensed in the form of numerous natural disasters, such as ea.....

We all are racists

Enlightened Mind

There appears a world-wide condemnation of racism and the recent murder of a black man, George Floyd, in America. It is very unfortunate that almost all of u.....

From the red shirts of Peshawar

Osama Siddiqui

If we look at the status of Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek (a freedom movement) of Bacha Khan, a prominent name Jarnail Ghulam Haider Khan (Late) of Peshawar would .....

The dangers of social media

Engr Sabir Hussain

We, the human beings are social animals by nature. One of our basic and primitive needs is to establish contacts with others. When the telegraph was invent.....

If a new cold war starts!

Enlightened Mind

“There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen”, says Vladimir Lenin. The world was going with its usual business, and.....