Control prices


During the last two years, the prices of essential items and basic commodities have increased upto an extremely high level and now balanced diet is like a dream for labour or working class. In recent months, the prices of flour, sugar, vegetables and other food items have raised almost by 20 to 100 percent which has created a very alarming, threatening and uncertain situation and the public is too much worried about it as the basic food items are going away out of the access and affordability range of the common man day by day. National and local media reports this critical situation on regular basis but the government and the concerned authorities seem to be absent from the scene and people on social media ask about them that “where is the government and its departments?” Therefore, there is a dire need for taking effective, firm and concrete steps by the federal and provincial governments  to address and manage this unpleasant and unsatisfactory situation in the country, otherwise, it will lead to a huge and massive disaster, of which remedy will be impossible.

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