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Prioritize legal awareness


If we look at the situation of the rule of law and human rights in Pakistan, we would see an unpleasant scene in this context. The common people don’t know much a.....

It’s time to popularize science

Asif Khan Turk

If we observe the situation of global scientific literacy, we would see that the world has achieved marked excellence in this regard, however, in Pakistan, we .....

Did we forget the people’s poet?

Osama Siddiqui

If we look at the current situation of Pakistan in terms of politics, oppression and human rights, we would definitely need to recall the revolutionary literar.....

Pakhtuns at the mercy of quacks

Asif Khan Turk

After terrorism and other hardcore issues, now the residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are at the verge of extreme disastrous situation due to the presence of a la.....

Self-marketing for aspiring marketers

Zeeshan Wasim

The number of students which pursue business as its major subject in the university is increasing every year. With so many success stories of entrepreneurs from.....

A Peshawari of great stature

Osama Siddiqui

Whenever the marvelous struggle of the Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek for the freedom of the Subcontinent from British imperialism will be written, the Bacha Khan .....

The problem with digital games

Dr Waleed Ahmad

An addiction occurs when the outcome of any behavior is pleasurable. In scientific terms, we call this a reinforcement, more specifically a positive reinforce.....