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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of is very simple that we don’t collect the data of our users but if we will need any kind of information, we will collect it as per law and by taking utmost care of the privacy of our users.

As stated above, we respect and protect the privacy of the users while interacting with us online and that’s why we have taken proper security measures for our website.

We don’t share any data of our users with other organizations or corporate companies for the purpose of marketing or publicity etc., until we take proper permission from the users.

It is to be clearly noted that we reserve the right of accessing the personal information of the users on lawful request of the government or its departments to run our operations in a safe mode and protect all of us from any unpleasant situation.

Similarly, we don’t register our users, nor create and agglomerate their profiles etc. with us as it is almost a one way website and it does not interact directly with users in normal conditions.

Furthermore, our privacy policy may be changed or amended from time to time in accordance with the demand of time and the requirements of the Company and we reserve the right to do this but will properly inform and update our users prior to any such development in this regard.