When we will become a nation?

Habib Ullah

I have spent four years in China; there I have noticed that many aspects of the Chinese society are incredible. One amongst them is the discipline which Chinese have. They make queues outside the shopping malls, do not rush in to the buses, standing with great respect while entering the libraries and wait for their turns patiently, whatever the situation might be. Their other best character is cleanliness, whereas another significant aspect is their eagerness for voluntarism, everywhere you could see bunches of volunteers guiding the foreigners and strangers. The above qualities show that Chinese are very calm and disciplined people and they take care of each other as well as of public and private properties. Therefore, we should adopt such approach to make our society prosperous and developed. 

In this regard, the prayer leader of the mosque of my hometown in Pakistan yesterday announced to public to take the children to local hospital for vaccination. So, I took my son and started going there. When I reached the hospital, I waited for my turn and after vaccination I started my journey back to my home. It is to mention here that due to hot weather I felt thirst on the way, whereas there were no shops or springs etc., therefore, I decided to knock the door of the nearby home to ask for a glass of water, but when I reached there, they had already kept a water cooler in front of the door under the shadow of a willow tree. When I saw the enthusiasm of that house for the well-being of the people, I felt myself over the moon. 

I took a deep breath and sat under that tree and after having got a little relaxed; I wished to have a glass of water. But soon my happiness converted into grief when I saw the cooler was fastened with the tree through a strong iron chain. I was further shocked when I saw the glass which was also secured by the same way. Anyhow, I filled the glass and wished to drink the water while sitting but the iron chain was not so long to allow me to do so; therefore I drank the water while standing and sat there again and started thinking about the situation.

Fortunately, a small boy came out of the house and I asked him about the situation. He understood my feelings and told me that this was the third water cooler that they were keeping here as previously when the primary students were coming back from the school, they first drank the water from it and then threw the cooler on the road. The cooler rolled down to the stream and got broken, therefore, my mother and elder brother decided to fasten the new water cooler with the tree. 

After the discussion with the child I decided to continue my journey to my home. On the way I thought that if the students of our society were so naughty, notorious and ill-minded then what could be expected from the illiterates. Here, I would like to say that is it not the time for intellectuals and educationists to sit around a table and plan a strategy how to boost the mental level of our people? As a nation where we are standing? When we will start to compete with the world in morality? When we shall become true human beings? When we will become a true nation instead of a crowd of people?

In short, I would suggest that it should be the duty of the teachers, prayer leaders, educationists, parents and intellectuals to guide the masses, especially the children that how to live in the society and how to secure and take care of the infrastructure and public property which is for their well-being. Morality boosting should be a compulsory part of the syllabus too. The literature should be multidirectional encircling every aspect of the society and to infuse the students how to become useful citizens to make our society exemplary. 

The writer is a Ph.D scholar at Sun Yat-sen University, China. He can be contacted at: habibullahosakai@gmail.com.

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