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Understanding tidal power

Engr Sabir Hussain

Energy is produced from the gravitational pull from both the moon and the sun, which pulls water upwards, while the Earth’s rotational and gravitational .....

What is entrepreneurship?

Zeeshan Wasim

The term ‘entrepreneurship’ is rising in popularity in the world of business. You might have heard people talking about successful entrepreneurs such as Ste.....

Need to review IMF program

Mukammil Shah Yousafzai

Dr Hafeez Sheikh, Finance Minister of Pakistan, has announced in November that a team from the International Monetary Fund will soon visit Pakistan to.....

The APS tragedy

Dr Humayun Huma

The APS tragedy, happened on 16th December, 2014, is indeed an unbearable and unforgettable incident after the Karbala tragedy and both the tragic happenings .....

Pros and cons of online education

Prof Dr Mushtaq Ahmad

Recently, the traditional forms of learning have developed new technologies. Consequently, more and more people are choosing to improve skills using onl.....

Freelancing be taught in schools

Zeeshan Wasim

After looking at disruptions caused by Corona pandemic in the world, all the schools should start teaching entrepreneurship and freelancing to their students as.....

What is ATC system?

Engr Sabir Hussain

In 1956, a fatal accident of airplanes occurred in the skies known as Grand Canyon which compelled the authorities to regulate and design a monitoring syst.....

Potato crop in Wadi-e-Kandao

Qasim Khan

Over the years, potato has become a very important crop both for the farmers and consumers in Pakistan. It is the fourth most important crop by volume of productio.....

New Year resolutions and commitments


People around the world make resolutions and commitments with advent of the New Year but most of these promises end up with no efforts and some even are landed into.....