Teenage artist dreams of meeting his Russian ideal sketch master

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: A teenage artist hailing from Katlang, district Mardan has asked the education department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to set up  Art Societies in the all the Schools of the province for grooming of young artists so that they could acquire different creative skills to cope with the digital technology.

Shah Khan, 11, a sixth grader in a private School of Kati Ghari village in Katlang, Mardan has recently stunned audience on social media after his calligraphic artworks and pencil sketches went viral. He dreams of meeting his Russian ideal skyartist.

“I request to the KP educational officials to set up Art Societies in all schools so that small kids could bring out their God- gifted talent and could get opportunities to create new ideas. I am a self-taught skyartist,  I searched on the internet and ended up with a Russian artist who I believe is my ideal as he too seems to be a self-taught skyartist and I even tried to recreate a few of his sketches,” the teenage artist narrated.

During his visit to Peshawar to attend a paintings exhibition, this scribe caught up with the teenage artist to answer a few queries regarding his art, dreams and future plans.  On the very outset, he stated that he had no teacher in art and the inspiration came from within and made him a restless soul to pick up pencil and began drawing sketches of all those individuals that fascinated him, be a political leader, a martyred solider, smiling kid, actor or player but his ideal pencil sketch master stood a Russian skyartist, Charles Laveso, whom he always aspired to meet in person.

The little skyartist with great dreams told that he had started taking interest in pencil sketching when he was six years old but school home assignments kept him away from involvement in his art work, however, slowly and gradually he convinced his parents and teachers that he could excel in both - academics and art activities and he proved his word as he had established himself as a high achiever in the school and winner of first prize on regular basis.

The skyartist said that he gave more time to his studies and kept a balance in life.  He said that his sketch - book carried the pencil portraits of some 50 personalities including Bacha Khan, Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and Prime Minister Imran Khan. Regarding future plans, he envisioned he wanted to do some work on water colour paintings.

“I want to keep up skyart as passion and studying medicines as profession. My dream is to meet my Russian ideal artist, Charles Laveso even if it is possible through social media. He most often teaches tips on skyart but it is in Russian language and I also someone could translate it to me in Pashto,” he stated.

Mr Khan said: “I dream of a kids art gallery but I have heard that KP government had initiated STEAM project to promote creative arts and science ideas but I wish KP authorities arrange an exhibition of teenage artists somewhere in Peshawar where they could share their artworks and future vision,” he advised.

He regretted that he didn’t have enough space and facilities at his clay-made home where he could do art work and display it for visitors.  He said that if an opportunity was provided he would display his sketch art works.

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