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Social media to use wisely

Habib Ullah

In rustic societies, people have interdependency on each other due to the limited resources and scarcity of amenities provided by the government. This interdepend.....

Need for self-awareness

Anum Zulfiqar Zafar

In order to understand the others in a better way one should have a good understanding of himself/herself. We, as human beings should be able to have this.....

When we will become a nation?

Habib Ullah

I have spent four years in China; there I have noticed that many aspects of the Chinese society are incredible. One amongst them is the discipline which Chinese h.....

Ambivalent aesthetics

Enlightened Mind

I have a conviction that the poetry we appreciate and take aesthetic pleasure in is deeply rooted in our cultural traditions (aesthetics). We do not and cann.....

Need for joint venture against Corona

Markandey Katju, Amile Gulzar and Dr Salfiyah Shamim

The Coronavirus has recently witnessed a spike in cases in a densely populated South Asian region, especially India and P.....

Radical change required in KP Police

Riaz Khan

The police department is one of those departments with which the people mostly interact for their different types of matters and that is why when the PTI came into .....