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Revamping tax framework

Imad Yousafzai

Taxation stands as a cornerstone of societal development, enabling governments to finance essential public services and infrastructural advancements. In Pakist.....

KP’s failure in branding

Zeeshan Wasim

In the sprawling landscape of Pakistan’s business ecosystem, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa often finds itself on the sidelines when it comes to the proce.....

Menace of dental quackery

Prof Asaad Javaid

In the recent decades, dentistry in Pakistan has made significant strides, earning recognition as a prestigious profession. However, this commendable progre.....

Sign of change

Sabir Hussain

In the intricate dance of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and India, the recent exchange of pleasantries between prime ministers Shehbaz Sharif and Narend.....

Communication’s importance

A Waseem Khattak

In the intricate tapestry of human interactions, the role of communication is unparalleled. The adage, “When communication dies, everything dies” encapsu.....

Car parking issue in Peshawar


Apart from other serious problems, being faced by the residents of Peshawar, the issue of the non-availability of parking areas for vehicles in the city is of high .....

Nice memories of Luton

Osama Siddiqui

When I went the UK, I always heard that Bradford had most of its population from Pakistan. However, Luton was more relatable to Pakistan. One could find a lot .....