Car parking issue in Peshawar


Apart from other serious problems, being faced by the residents of Peshawar, the issue of the non-availability of parking areas for vehicles in the city is of high importance, but no political government has ever addressed it during the last 20 years and as a result, all the roads are now full of parked motor cars, highly disturbing the traffic and public.

In this regard, GT Road, University Road, city area, and other places can be observed that there are no such car parking facilities in the plazas and people park the vehicles on the roads, causing hurdles in a smooth traffic.

It is a must to note that builders have been constructing buildings in the city since long, however, a few number of buildings have proper car parking areas, while the rest have only in documents – which is a gross violation of the building code, but the authorities concerned have adopted silence over it.

The lack of car parking facilities for majority of the vehicles is a serious issue but it has been ignored all the times by high-ups and the concerned quarters, due to which the residents are now extremely disturbed, as everywhere there is a mess on the roads created by parked cars.

As per rules, car parking area is a must and a basic requirement for a building, however, as discussed above, there is no check on buildings in the city in this regard, rises a question on the performance of the concerned authorities that how these buildings have been constructed without making proper car parking areas?

Therefore, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government and high-ups should take immediate notice of this big problem and address it on priority basis. The PDA, all towns administrations, and other relevant authorities should be taken on board to take a drastic action against all those building owners who are violating law with respect to car parking facility.

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