Private medical colleges exploiting faculty


The brutal exploitation of faculty by majority of the private medical and dental colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reached to a boiling point, exposing the dark side of their education system that prioritizes profits over human resources.

The very low wages and non-payment of salaries are a slap in the face of dedicated teachers who shape the minds of the future healthcare professionals. This brazen disregard for their well-being is a disgrace that taints the very fabric of our medical education system.

According to a number of faculty members of different private medical and dental colleges in Peshawar, a lecturer with an MBBS/BDS degree gets only Rs25,000-30,000 per month, while a few colleges even do not pay salary to junior faculty members, whereas a few ones use delay tactics regarding salary payment.

This practice by the owners of private medical and dental colleges is extremely condemnable, while it raises a question on the performance of the authorities concerned that why the fair compensation, value, and dignity of our medical educationists are being compromised?

Therefore, the KP government, PMDC and other relevant offices should take immediate notice of this disastrous situation and take proper action against all those owners who are exploiting the teachers for their vested interests, as KP cannot afford to let greed and recklessness undermine the very foundation of our medical education system, so, the time for their accountability has come now.

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