Ashraf Khan demands govt to stop wood cutting in Gadoon

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PESHAWAR: Senior lawyer and the Chief of Gadoon Qaam Ashraf Khan Gadoon has expressed his big reservations over the cutting of wood in Gadoon, district Swabi and demanded of the government and the concerned authorities to take immediate notice of the situation otherwise the timber mafia would destroy the greenery and nature of Gadoon valley.

Talking to Sunrise Today here on Saturday he said that it had come to his knowledge through social media and other sources that timber mafia in Gadoon and the adjacent areas had become very strong and it was cutting the trees without any fear or pressure of the authorities which was a very shameful situation for the government that where was its writ?

“It has become a very big challenge for the provincial government and the forest department how to tackle the issue but it is a fact that without taking firm and strong action against the timber mafia, we will be unable to save our woods from cutting,” he stated, adding that the local officials of the forest department should also be made accountable that how the mafia was cutting the trees under their eyes?

Ashraf Khan further said that the concerned authorities must control the wood cutting in the area and eliminate the mafia as it was a matter of great importance regarding our future and if we would not stop the rapid cutting and not plant new trees what we would leave for our next generations?

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