PPSC not being handed over to PSRA: Khaleeq-u-Zaman

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PESHAWAR: The Principal, Air Commodore (Rtd) Khaleeq–u-Zaman has said that Peshawar Public School and College (PPSC), Warsak Road, a semi government institution, established under 1979 Act was not being handed over to Private Schools Regularity Authority (PSRA) as published in a section of Urdu Press last week.

He stated that PPSC had launched online classes from grade six to intermediate for both the boys and girls wings respectively and efforts were underway to improve the academic standard of the institution, adding that the Board of Governors (BoG) had taken several decisions in its annual meeting held last week but had not discussed anything regarding its handing over to PSRA.

Mr Zaman maintained that parents and students had responded positively regarding launching its own YouTube channel to save the precious time of the students as per the government policy. He said that the PPSC was being run under its own BoG and would continue to take measures for improving its academic performance.

“The BoG in its routine annual meeting had taken several decisions for raising the academic standard of the old institution and under the law, its administration could not be handed over to any other government or non-government authority,” he clarified.

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