Afghan peace process to benefit entire region: Panelists

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR:  The panelists of a study circle held, here on Friday at University of Peshawar have termed the Afghan peace process a good omen for all and sundry in the region suffering the brunt of endless war for decades. The main objective of the study circle was to appraise young university students of the socio-political impact of the Afghan peace process on the region.

Organized under the auspices of Pakhtun Students Federation (PSF) at the Faqir of Ippi Park, University of Peshawar, the participants of study circles discussed in great detail the pros and cons of the Afghan peace process saying that it would benefit the entire region because a peaceful Afghanistan was in the interest of all living in the region especially Pakhtuns across the Durand Line.  

Large number of students, teachers, right and peace activists attended the study circle and expressed their views freely where speakers also answered questions of the participants regarding the Afghan peace process and its outcome.  

Jamshid Wazir, chief of Pakhtun Students Federation at University of Peshawar in his opening remarks said that his organization had always tried its best to arrange such fruitful events for the young students and the study circle was part of its efforts. He said that young people of the region could no longer bear up with the doctrine of war economy and fed up with the war theatre being staged by the vested interests and world power players.  

Obaidur Rahman Momand, a student of Social Work Department, University of Peshawar told that he and his colleagues had learnt from the debate and got an opportunity to know about an alternative view on the geo-political situation of the region. “We the students don’t have much time to study different version and remain sticking to only official version or the one being taught through course books. Today’s study circle gave us an insight into the real situation,” he stated.  

Addressing as keynote speaker at the study circle, Prof Dr Zahid Wazir from Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan pointed out that  despite endless war and sufferings, Afghanistan had made progress where a an elected parliament , security institutions and civil society had been active and keeping a vigilant eye on the situation being developed around it.

He said that if the elected Afghan government was sidelined in the Afghan peace process, it would be a great injustice with Afghan people and would prove a futile exercise without any positive results adding that peace must be given a chance to bring the entire region out of the turmoil that lasted for over four decades.  

Mr Wazir said that young students should know about the current geo-political situation in the region along with their routine studies so that they could prepare themselves for its impact. “Permanent peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan is closely linked to the mutual confidence and restoration of trade and business activities between the two countries on all its border points,” he observed.  

Shuakat Swati, provincial culture secretary of PSF said on the occasion that Bacha Khan had given the concept of modern nation to Pakhtuns which believed in knowledge, research and non-violence.  He said that through the philosophy of non-violence, in fact Bacha Khan wanted Pakhtun youngsters to pick up the arm of scholarship and throw away the guns.  

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