Ayub Zakori meetup with Mr. Cod UK owner John Brewer

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PESHAWAR: Renowned industrialist, CEO Zakori Group and President Industrialists Association Peshawar Ayub Khan Zakori met with John Brewer, the CEO of multinational fast-food chain Mr. Cod UK, here the other day in London and discussed the expansion of Mr. Cod globally.

A press release issued from the head office of Zakori Group states that during the meeting both the business leaders discussed the global expansion strategy of Mr. Cod after its iconic expansion in Asia, Middle East and Africa by CEO Zakori Group Ayub Khan Zakori.

“Paving the way for the next chapter of our growth journey, this collaboration promises to bring our offerings to new international markets and make a meaningful impact on a global scale,” said John Brewer.

Ayub Zakori, while talking to him told that his support would always be available for the betterment of the organization to progress more, adding that this game-changing partnership will bring new development and advancement in the F&B industry by cracking the fast-food business worldwide.

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