11 employees relieved from DHQ Lakki

Barkatullah Marwat

LAKKI MARWAT: The medical superintendent relieved 11 employees of various categories from the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Lakki Marwat, official sources said on Sunday.

They said that MS Dr Haleem-ur-Rehman Khattak had served show-cause notices to about 90 employees who remained absent from the duty since long. “They were directed to submit their replies against the show-cause notices within three days,” an official pleading anonymity told this scribe, adding that most of them had failed to comply with the notices.

Taking stern action against them, the MS issued directives to relieve six paramedics and five class-IV employees, the official added. He said that the scrutiny of the remaining employees was underway and would face the same music sooner or later.

Meanwhile, the MS deducted Rs1.5 million from the salaries of the doctors, paramedics, nurses, class-IV and others over their intentional absence from the duties and procrastination. Talking to this scribe, MS Dr Haleem-ur-Rehman Khattak vowed not to spare anyone employed at the hospital.

“I cannot tolerate my subordinate to get indulged in absenteeism when I, being an administrator of the hospital performing my duty round the clock,” he maintained, saying that now the Outdoor Patient Department had raised from 100 to 800 and 1100 because now the people were visiting the hospital due to the presence of doctors and paramedics.

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