Dr Liaqat Ali to represent Pakistan in int’l conference

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PESHAWAR: Internationally renowned urologist, medical educationist and researchers Prof Dr Liaqat Ali has been invited at the Conference on Medicine and Religion to be held on April 14-16, 2024 in Indiana, USA.

An invitation letter received by Dr Liaqat Ali here the other day, states that his submission, titled “Waiting for Gabriel: Role of Spirituality in Coping of Unexplained Infertility” has been accepted to be presented by him at the conference.

Here, it is to be mentioned that he is the only doctor who is representing Pakistan in this highly important and intellectual conference on medicine and religion, while this will be his 9th paper presentation in the USA apart from getting the best paper award in Cambridge, USA in 2015.

Similarly, he has also been the only researcher from the field of medical sciences to represent Pakistan in the UK, the USA, Australia, Malaysia, the UAE, SAARC, Thailand, and Zurich on different occasions.

The close colleagues and people near to Dr Liaqat Ali have commented on the aforementioned development that unfortunately, there was no government support for him, as he deserved to be encouraged and sponsored for representing Pakistan in such global intellectual forums.

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