KMU organizes breast cancer awareness seminar

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital & Research Centre, Peshawar marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month by organizing a one day seminar at the University.

While addressing the audience, the chief guest Prof Dr Arshad Javaid remarked that prevention of breast cancer may not be possible, but early diagnosis could easily minimize the risk factors. He said that the major mandate of a university was to disseminate knowledge and to train the relevant human stuff with the help of modern technology in the right direction to coup with the challenges confronting by the society, so being a sole public sector medical university of the province the KMU for the last 10 years after its inception was forwarding in the right direction.

He added that creating awareness in the students and general public about various fatal diseases is also a key responsibility of the KMU and by the grace of Almighty Allah and with the dedication of the faculty, the KMU is progressing well in this special field that was the sign of our commitment towards our noble goals.

Director, IRNUM, Peshawar Dr Akifullah Khan, renowned oncologists Dr Safoora Shahid, Dr Nabila Javed and Dr Asif Ali shared that Breast Cancer in Pakistan at present was affecting 38 percent women, which was the highest among all other cancers in the country. They said that Pakistan had the highest proportion of breast cancer effectees in Asia whereas the annual death rate stands at 40,000, which was quite alarming.

The experts said that approximately 1.38m cases of breast cancer were detected each year, resulting in 458,000 annual deaths. Additionally, breast cancer was the most prevalent form of cancer amongst women, with those from low or middle income brackets most likely to suffer due to late detections, and the second most prevalent form of cancer in the world. A majority of the cases were not recorded due to the sufferers’ shyness and social pressure. The awareness campaigns on large scale would help us to create a buzz in society so that more people could talk about this crucial issue without any hesitation, the speakers added.—APP

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