IMSciences conducts panel discussion on Kashmir genocide

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PESHAWAR: The Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar conducted a panel discussion on the ongoing genocide in Kashmir on Friday.  

The discussion was organized by Naheed Haq, Lecturer and Head of the Art & Culture Society, IMSciences and Obaid Haq, Co-Head Art & Culture Society. Sikandar Tangi, faculty member and head of the Academic Linkages and Exchange Programme Office (ALEP), IMSciences moderated the session. Dr Najeeb Ullah, a veteran professor of the Pakistan Studies was also part of the discussion panel. Students and faculty members of the IMSciences attended the session. Dr Muhammad Mohsin Khan; Director IMSciences was the Chief Guest of the event.

Sikandar Tangi started off the discussion with a brief history of the issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. He briefed the audience on the roots and the origin of the Kashmir issue. Dr Najeeb Ullah shared his views with the students by highlighting the issues that prevent us to solve the Kashmir issue. He iterated that it is only through civilized discussions that a practical solution could be reached for the Kashmir debacle.  

It was discussed that considering what the people of Kashmir want, would be beneficial to all the concerned parties. Ironically, the people of Kashmir have mostly been kept out of the discussion pertaining to their fate in terms of whether they wish to join Pakistan or remain independent. It is therefore a viable option to give this prerogative to the people of Kashmir. Both the professors were of the opinion that aggressive tactics will never solve the issues of Kashmir in any way and that peaceful ways should be adopted.  

Afterwards, a question & answer session took place in which the students and faculty members were given a chance to ask questions regarding the Kashmir issue from the speakers.  

Dr Muhammad Mohsin, Director, IMSciences took over the stage and shared his views. He said that it is in no individual’s favour to take the law into their own hands. Whatever the State demands of the people should be carried out by the people. It would be against the interests of both, the individual as well as the State if individuals take independent decisions without giving heed to what the State has directed.

Towards the end of the session, there was a musical performance by the students of 1st semester regarding the issue of Kashmir.

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