AK-47 bullet removed from patient’s kidney by Dr Liaqat Ali

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PESHAWAR: A unique kind of surgical case has been successfully operated by renowned urologist Prof Dr Liaqat Ali and his team here the other day in which they removed an AK-47 bullet and some stones from the kidney of a young patient through endoscopy.

According to details, the surgical procedure lasted for 60 minutes with only one stich from the solitary functioning right kidney. The patient had a history of stray bullet injury, occurred 10 years back due to aerial firing.

Prof Liaqat Ali after completion of the surgery stated that it was a very complicated and unique case but his brilliant and amazing team performed very well and proved that Pakistani doctors were the best medical professionals of the world.

Here, it is to mention that Dr Liaqat Ali is working as a professor of urology at the Institute of Kidney Diseases (IKD), Hayatabad Medical Complex (MTI-HMC), Peshawar, while he has been serving the ailing humanity for the last 3 decades.

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