Stop excessive use of mobile to protect your eyes: Dr Sanaullah Jan

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PESHAWAR: Renowned Eye-Specialist and Director, Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology, HMC, Peshawar, Prof Dr Sanaullah Jan has expressed his grave concern over the unnecessary usage of mobile phones and other modern gadgets among the people, particularly the youth and children and said that the repercussions of the aforementioned trend would be very dangerous in the upcoming days, if the situation could not be brought under the control.

He expressed these views while giving an interview to the Sunrise Today, here on Tuesday. He stated that if anyone felt any problem related to their eyes, they should immediately consult a professional eye-specialist to treat the problem in proper time as delay in the treatment might cause more and more complications to eye health.

He said that the people should love their eyes as they provide a major source of information to brain and if the eyes would be affected or damaged, people would be considerably deprived of the information of their surrounding etc., adding that because of such importance everyone should take good care of their eyes.

To a question regarding the need of eye checkup, Dr Sanaullah replied that after birth, the eyesight of every child should be checked by a professional eye-specialist to know about the status of the eye health, adding that after 5 years of age the child’s eyesight should also be checked and after 40 years of age everyone should go for a yearly checkup on regular basis.

“Eyes are a precious gift of God, therefore, we should adopt some healthy habits to take care of them. In this regard, we should go for a daily walk or some physical exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Similarly, people should also control their blood pressure and sugar level as hypertension and diabetes are a direct and serious threat to eye health,” advised the renowned ophthalmologist.

He maintained that it was a need of the time to raise awareness among the public regarding prevention, control of blindness, treatment of eye diseases and rehabilitation of the affected individuals, adding that the PICO had always been promoting the cause of eye care in Pakistan, especially the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Prof Dr Sanaullah Jan has been practicing ophthalmology for over the last two decades. He has authored 60 plus research papers which have been published in national and international journals. Besides, he has given more than 30 presentations at different conferences in Pakistan as well as abroad. He has done MBBS from the Khyber Medical College Peshawar, FCPS from Pakistan and FRCS from the UK.

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