Mothers should feed their babies to strong their basis: Dr Fazil

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MARDAN: Mothers should suckle their children up to two years to provide them with a strong basis for living healthy and happy life, said the renowned children specialist Dr Muhammad Fazil on the eve of World Breastfeeding Week 2021.

Prof Dr Muhammad Fazil, who is the Dean/CEO of Bacha Khan Medical College/Mardan Medical Complex, said that mothers fed their children formula milk which could cause various deficiencies in the child, adding that Islam also stressed on breastfeeding and it was even mentioned in the Holy Quran to breastfeed the children up to 2 years.

Unfortunately, he said that due to lack of awareness among the people, mothers preferred feeding formula milk which was not only costly but also affected their children’s health and caused infections, saying that limited number of women breastfed their babies and the ratio was even more less in Pakistan in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular.

He stated that mothers should breastfeed the newborn after few minutes of giving birth. “In some cases even mothers do not suckle their babies in the first three days after delivery due to the old family traditions which deprive newborns from getting vital and key nutrients essential for growth and boosting immunity,” Dr Fazil maintained.

He explained that the 1st milk was called colostrum which was very essential for new born babies as it contains antibodies and macrophages which enhance the immunity of newborn babies and help protect babies against various diseases, adding that breastfeeding was also beneficial for mothers as it prevents them from breast cancer. 

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