Doing brush is very important for teeth protection: Dr Abdul Ghafoor

Sardar Ali Swati

SWAT: Well-known dentist Dr Abdul Ghafoor has said that doing toothbrush twice a day was very much necessary for the dental health of every person as that had a pivotal role in our life, therefore, everyone should take good care of his/her teeth and if he/she faced any dental problem, a qualified and professional dentist must be consulted in time to do the necessary treatment.

He expressed these views while talking to Sunrise Today here on Friday. He said that doing regular brush (before sleeping at night and after waking up at morning) for at least two minutes should be a part of our daily life and we should never miss the cleanliness of our teeth, adding that everyone should always use his/her own toothbrush and strictly avoid using others’ brush as that was a very unhealthy and dangerous practice.

He stated that every person belonging to any age group should visit a qualified dentist after every six months for the checkup of his/her teeth and gums while visiting quacks for dental checkups and surgeries must be prohibited as doing treatment by quacks created more and more problems for us.

Responding to a question, Dr Abdul Ghafoor said that children should use their specific type of toothpaste which had low quantity of fluoride while that had to be remembered that good quality brush and toothpaste should always be used instead of using substandard dental care items.

He maintained that all the dentists should treat their patients devotedly and passionately and guide them on the proper use of toothbrush as there was lack of scientific approach in this regard which needed due attention of the medics, adding that screening for various diseases such as HIV and HCV should always be done carefully before starting the treatment.

He further stated that awareness regarding dental healthcare, diseases and other conditions was need of the time and being a catalyst, media should play its due role to sensitize the issue by giving enough space to the field of dentistry, adding that the role of parents was also of crucial importance, therefore, they should make toothbrushing a good habit of their children to protect them from diseases and complications.

Here, it is to be noted that Dr Abdul Ghafoor has been practicing dentistry for the last 7 years and has good reputation for his outstanding services in his area. He has done BDS from the Hamdard University Karachi and M.Sc (Endodontics) from the Riphah International University Islamabad.

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