Dr Rooh-ul-Muqim appointed as Acting HD, KTH

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PESHAWAR: The Board of Governors, Khyber Teaching Hospital (MTI-KTH), Peshawar has appointed Prof Dr Rooh-ul-Muqim, Head of Surgical C Ward as Acting Hospital Director, MTI-KTH.

A notification has been issued here on Sunday, according to which Dr Tahir Nadeem Khan has been suspended with immediate effect on account of the preliminary report of the fact finding committee, dated 6th December, 2020, supported by the Board of Inquiry Committee and Dr Rooh-ul-Muqim has been appointed as the Acting HD of the hospital.

Here it is to be mentioned that well-known general and laparoscopic surgeon Dr Rooh-ul-Muqim has also remained as Medical Director, MTI-KTH from 3rd June 2016 to 9th February 2019 and Acting Dean, Khyber Medical College (KMC) from 17th April 2020 to 24th June 2020.

During his tenure as Medical Director, MTI-KTH, he introduced many reforms in the hospital as per MTI Act. He improved intensive care services of the hospital, especially SICU, MICU and CCU and upgraded the services of Accident and Emergency Department.

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