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The second wave of Covid-19 has started and health experts recommend staying at home to avoid public gatherings. In this regard, the world is shifting towards online education like other fields as this mode of education is safe as compared to conventional system and students as well as learners can easily pursue education at their homes. If we look at the situation of online education in Pakistan, the cities seem suitable for such type of education as almost all the cities have internet service but majority of the villages and the far-flung areas do not have proper internet facility and students over there are facing serious problems in getting online education as the educational institutions have adopted the mode of online teaching. Therefore, the government and the concerned authorities should provide internet service to the far-flung areas of Balochistan, the newly merged tribal districts and other underprivileged areas to provide education to students at their door step. Similarly, the provision of fast, effective and affordable internet packages to students and faculty is also a dire need in the prevailing circumstances. Furthermore, the faculty and students should also be trained by the qualified and professional IT experts about the online education system as during the last months, students as well as teachers have faced many difficulties and problems in online teaching.

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