Special persons should be given priority: Dr Mahboob

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PESHAWAR: Dr Mahboob-ur-Rahman, Chairman, Mahboob Medical Institute (MMI) and Habib Physiotherapy Complex (HPC), Peshawar has said that physically and mentally challenged persons who were already facing so many hurdles regarding health, education, rehabilitation and empowerment, had been given second priority amid the Corona pandemic and now they were facing difficulties in getting healthcare as the health system was now focusing on Covid-19.

Talking to Sunrise Today here on Saturday, Dr Mahboob-ur-Rahman said that during the prevailing situation the routine investigations and checkups of special persons were suffered, their education was already at stake and their rehabilitation was delayed, adding that unfortunately the polio campaigns have also been delayed in many areas due to the fear of Covid-19 outspread.

He stated that Social Welfare Department should play its due role for the welfare of special persons, orphans and elderly people by allocating enough funds for them, saying that these vulnerable groups should be given priority as without taking all the segments of society ahead, it was impossible to do progress. He added that the federal and provincial governments should join hands together to address the issues of these neglected people.

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