Kamal Ahmad defends M.Phil thesis

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PESHAWAR: Kamal Ahmad, a research scholar of the Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management (CDPM), University of Peshawar (UoP) has successfully defended his M.Phil thesis here on Thursday.

A function was arranged in this regard at the CDPM, UoP wherein he defended his research work successfully by answering the questions of the audience in a proper way and he was declared eligible for the award of M.Phil degree in the subject of Disaster Management. The event was attended by the Director CDPM Prof Dr Zulfiqar Ali, Dr Sher Muhammad Malik, Assistant Prof Mushtaq Ahmad Jan, faculty members, research scholars, students and people from different walks of life.

The title of the study of the scholar is: “Disaster and Development: The Nexus of Flood Risk and Irrigation Networks in District Peshawar” which he completed under the supervision of Assistant Prof Dr Amjad Ali of the CDPM, UoP, while Dr Sher Muhammad Malik was his external examiner.

The findings of the study reveal that at certain intersection points the irrigation network played a negative role in the flood risk reduction. Instead of diverting water from settlements, illegal encroachments in major streams have increased the risk of flooding. The prevailing reactive approach of dealing with floods across the valley has further increased the level of vulnerability of the community to flood. The research also found that the housing and agriculture sectors are the most vulnerable in the elements at risk in the study area.

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