Pakistan Nurses Federation decides to hold elections

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PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Nurses Federation (PNF) has decided to conduct its organizational elections on national and provincial level.

A meeting of the PNF was held at Peshawar on Saturday in which the leaders, office bearers and members of the federation participated in a large number following the safety and precautionary protocol of Covid-19.

The participants while expressing their views on the need of elections amid the prevailing situation said that further delay in this regard was not good as these elections had already been delayed for 4 months due to Corona pandemic and that’s why nurses were being faced with different problems that needed proper redressal in time.

They further stated that the concerned members of the federation would take permission from the government in next week to hold the elections on national and provincial level in a well-managed, peaceful and proper way and after that divisional and district level elections would be held.

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