Intellectuals Forum protests against provincial government

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PESHAWAR: The Intellectuals Forum – a representative body of the Peshawar University’s teachers has strongly protested on Monday against the provincial government and the concerned authorities for not lifting ban on appointments at the University due to which more than 18 lecturers would lose their jobs, if their contracts would not be renewed by this month.

In this regards, a protest walk under the leadership of Prof Arif Khan, President, Intellectuals Forum, started from PUTA Hall and reached Administration Block where the protestors recorded their protest by demanding the lifting of ban on appointments. Apart from faculty members of the University, the protest was also joined by different students associations. The protestors displayed banners and placards on which their demands were written, whereas they also chanted slogans against the elements involved in the issue.

While talking to media, the Intellectuals Forum’s president Prof Arif Khan said that the ban imposed by the provincial government was completely illegal that’s why it must be withdrawn, otherwise, they would prolong their protest for an indefinite period and the government would be responsible for any repercussions.

He also criticised the Peshawar University’s administration for not playing active role in this regard, adding that the teaching fraternity was expecting a very positive and prominent role from it but due to its silence the faculty members were totally disappointed and had lost their hopes in it.

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