Health of vulnerable communities should be given priority: Ujala Network

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PESHAWAR: Ujala Network has demanded the government to prioritise the provision of healthcare services to all marginalized communities amid the Corona pandemic.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Ujala Networks’ provincial coordinator Sana Ahmad said that the prevailing outbreak of Covid-19 had been adversely affecting the healthcare system and that’s why threats were created to the health of vulnerable groups of the society such as women, girls, transgender, women headed families, persons with disabilities and religious and other minorities.

She stated that the pandemic had made it difficult for the government to ensure balance between the emergency and routine healthcare services, but, despite the critical situation women’s right to general and reproductive healthcare should not be compromised at any cost, adding that the family planning facilities had been negatively affected due to the prevailing crisis, whereas mothers had also been suffering in child care.

The Ujala Networks’ provincial coordinator said that resources should be allocated by the government to respond to such issues amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, adding that access to essential reproductive healthcare services was the right of all human beings; therefore, the concerned authorities should pay attention to this vulnerable situation on immediate basis.

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