Saqlain Hassan defends Ph.D thesis

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TIMERGARA: Research scholar Saqlain Hassan successfully defended his thesis from the University of Navarra, Spain on Thursday and declared eligible for the award of Ph.D degree in the subject of Linguistics.

The title of his thesis is: “The representation of Afghan refugees: A corpus assisted and qualitative discourse studies” which he completed under the supervision of Prof Dr Ruth Breeze. Due to Corona pandemic and closure of international flights from Pakistan, he defended his thesis through an online session at home.

During the defence session, research scholar Saqlain Hassan said that his findings revealed that words and language used in the media reflected a negative image of refugees on various issues. He stated that he analyzed 12 Pakistani newspapers and four Britain newspapers and concluded that all the papers portray a negative image of the refugees.

 “I analyzed media and public discourse to find out how its language constructed the social identity of refugees across the globe,” he said, adding that his study revealed that language of media influenced the behavior of people towards a specific group such as refugees and minorities. He further stated that journalists should portray a positive image of the personalities, people and cultures of their countries.

The scholar thanked the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarra, Spain for giving him an exciting opportunity of doctoral studies, whereas he dedicated his work to his father Said Hassan Khan Advocate, his mother and uncle Sher Hassan for their support.

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