Shazia Tehmas challenges Cynthia D. Ritchie for open debate

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PESHAWAR: Shazia Tehmas Khan, former Member Provincial Assembly (MPA), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has challenged Cynthia D. Ritchie - an American social media influencer for an open debate on social media in response to her allegations against the PPP and it's leadership.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, Shazia Tehmas, ex-MPA, PPP said that Cynthia has been levelling bald allegations against the PPP and it’s leadership on social media and therefore it was necessary to reply her properly as it was a matter of great concern for the leadership and workers of the party.

The PPP’s former MPA while challenging the American blogger said: “If you win, I will quit politics. I will leave my party which is not an easy decision for a hard and loyal worker but I will do it. However, if I win, than you, Cynthia, you, have to quit Pakistan and you also have to stop all the negative propaganda against the PPP and its leadership. But the main criteria for that open debate on a live social media session should be only documentary proof. You have to produce the documentary evidence and no false claims, no lies and no fabricated stories at all. So, what you say? I am waiting for your reply.”

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