COMSATS calls for youth’s response to Corona

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ISLAMABAD: The COMSATS arranged an international online session on Monday to play active role in resolution of the Corona pandemic on immediate basis.

Around 50 participants from over 15 countries were in attendance and they emphasized on utilizing the youth’s potential to deal with the prevailing crisis. The session was moderated by Nafula Wafula, Vice Chairperson for Policy and Advocacy at Commonwealth Youth Council. 

In his opening remarks, Dr S M Junaid Zaidi, Executive Director, COMSATS, termed the COMSATS as an effective platform for the youth to come together and utilize their faculties while playing their role in resolving global challenges and threats such as the Covid-19 outbreak.

The event also marked the National Youth Day of China. A few Chinese students who had volunteered their services for community in the start of Corona pandemic shared their experiences and emphasized on making joint global efforts to cater to the needs of the masses. 

During discussion, it was suggested that technological education should be incorporated in curricula from the grass root level to build the youth’s capacity in relevant spheres. It was opined that early shift to digital tools and methods could help in addressing the rising unemployment challenges.

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