Govt's performance amid Corona crisis

Mansoor Ahmad

Successful leaders see opportunities in every crisis rather than difficulty in every opportunity. The current government and leadership of Pakistan confront political, economic and management crisis during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Lack of unity and coordination among the provinces and the federal government is perhaps the most serious issue impeding the authorities to come up with an appropriate strategy to deal with the situation. They have been unable to own a clear stance and give the right message to the people about lockdown and preventive measures. The confused policies on part of the rulers have put the people at great risk. Halfhearted measures have been deteriorating the situation further.

Criticism and counter criticism by the government and opposition parties as well as the workers associated with different political forces have created great confusion among the people. The sorrowful state of affairs has also led to spread of conspiracy theories on large scale. Many people still believe the pandemic as a mere conspiracy though they see people being infected by the virus in their surrounding localities, in the province, the country and across the globe.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has never been tired of making tall claims of establishing a government on the pattern of the glorious State of Madina. Tremendous slogans and attractive claims made by him against corruption and in favor of accountability and transparency also echo in the ears of all and sundry.

But the contradiction between his words and actions add to the disappointment of the people. Fed up with the flawed polices of the previous rulers, the people had reposed great trust in Imran Khan and his party. But his inability to deliver during the past nearly two years shattered the hope and trust of the masses. The inabilities and incompetence of the rulers exposed badly during the current pandemic that has affected everyone in the country. 

The government has been unable to come up with concrete decisions. Lockdown, no lockdown, smart lockdown, partial lockdown were the repeatedly changed phenomena during the pandemic that started spreading in the country from the first week of March this year. Government’s steps to prevent the spread of disease and provide appropriate medical and quarantine facilities to the affected or infected by the virus also spoke volume of its incompetence and inabilities.

The intentions of the rulers may be good but their positive acts should be seen on ground. So far the government has been unable to deliver in line with the tall claims that the ruling party and its leaders have made. The government should lead the people in this hour of trial in the right direction. Difficult decisions are required to be made. The spread of the deadly virus should be prevented through strong and effective measures, but at the same time the people should not be forced to die of hunger. 

Appropriate measures should be taken to provide maximum relief to the people who have been directly or indirectly affected by the virus. Disbursement of cash benefit among deserving families under Ehsaas Programme is encouraging, however, Rs 12000 for three months is too meager an amount to cater the needs of even a small family. There is need of not only increasing the amount but also extending it to more and more families. Another initiative announced by the Prime Minister was the formation of Tiger Force, which seems to be a futile exercise. The government should either ensure early and effective utility of the proposed force, or, do away with the idea, as the country can’t afford such expensive experiments anymore.

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