Book on Basic Electrical Engineering published

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PESHAWAR: A book, titled ‘Basic Electrical Engineering’ by Dr Engr Gulzar Khan - an associate professor at Electrical Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar has been published.  

The book has been written for undergraduate students of electrical engineering. The author has reflected his 22 years of undergraduate level teaching experience in it. The book is intended to be easy and bringing for the readers the important informations regarding some basic and fundamental topics of electrical engineering. Important theoretical and mathematical results are given with the accompanying detailed proofs, which is the main characteristic of the book. Solved numerical problems have been added to give the students the confidence in understanding the material presented.

The author, Dr Engr Gulzar Khan did his B.Sc Electrical Engineering (Power), M.Sc Electrical Engineering (Power) and PhD Electrical Engineering (Communication) from the UET, Peshawar. He also did M.Sc Electrical Engineering (Communication) from the George Washington University, USA. He is the author of about 38 research papers in the field of electrical engineering.

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