IMSciences conducts panel discussion on cybercrimes vs cyber-security

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PESHAWAR: The Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), Peshawar on Thursday conducted a panel discussion on the growing bane of cybercrimes in Pakistan and the importance of cyber-security to keep the citizens safe from being targeted by cybercrimes.  

The students of the IMSciences, as well as the students of other institutions and the guests from the different walks of life attended the panel discussion. The event was organized by Dr Muhammad Nawaz, a faculty member of the IMSciences.  

The President of Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) and thee former DG, FIA, Ammar Jaffri gave a welcome note to the audience. He said that the private sector could not be expected to share such sensitive informations with the government if later did not take the former into confidence, hence, their mutual collaboration was required to effectively combat the threat of cybercrimes.

Next came Syed Akhtar Ali Shah, former AIG, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, who reflected that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) ought to be given credit for combating cybercrimes in Pakistan. However, they lack appropriate human resources, which are crucial for overcoming cybercrimes. There are hardly 10 FIA offices in the entire country. He further said that the modern day terrorism revolves around cybercrimes, resultantly, cybersecurity was gaining vital importance.

Thereafter came Dr Rafi us Shan, Chief, KPCERC, who said that the modern day colonization revolves around the data colonization. Whoever controls data in the modern world will be the modern day colonizer and the power wielder. However, it was important to be careful about people’s rights particularly when it pertains cyber-security.

Finally, Farooq Nayyar, CISO ORION, concluded the discussion, said that Pakistan should have cyber-security at its top priority. He reflected on the poor performance of Pakistan in terms of cyber-security since it was rated as the second or third worst prepared country against cybersecurity.

After the welcome notes by all the speakers, a shield distribution ceremony took place, whereby all the speakers were presented shields by the Director, IMSciences, Dr Muhammad Mohsin Khan.

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