HEC should play role for physiotherapy education: Dr Mahboob

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PESHAWAR: The former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pakistan Physiotherapy Association, Dr Mahboob-ur-Rahman has requested the Chairman, Higher Education Commission to play his due role in the assurance of quality education in the field of physiotherapy.

In a press statement, Dr Mahboob said that the federal health ministry had established the council for allied health sciences but unfortunately the ministry had been misguided by some quarters due to which it had placed the field of physiotherapy in the council of allied health sciences which was injustice with the profession of physiotherapy and persons associated thereto.

He said that physiotherapists have 5 years degree, i.e. DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) and many even had MS and PhD degrees in physiotherapy; so, placing them in the council of allied health sciences with Matric and F.Sc qualified technicians is totally unjustified and unjust.  

He added that the HEC is the proper forum that could maintain the standard of physiotherapy education in country that’s why the Chairman, HEC should intervene in the matter and play his due role in the establishment of a separate council for the field of physiotherapy.

Dr Mahboob further said that they would continue their struggle for an independent physiotherapy council, because, the council of allied health science could not address the problems of physiotherapy profession.

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