Overuse of digital technology adversely affecting children

Saiqa Shad  

PESHAWAR: Digital technology of the modern age is having a number of effects on children, according to health and psychiatry experts.

The digital technology has affected the studies of children as well as their psyche. Ambareen Aslam, a lecturer in a Government Girls Degree College, says that children remain detached from their social settings as they remain busy using technological devices like smartphones and tablets.

“Being a mother of two, I have noticed that it have made my children unsocial. They are all the time sitting in front of TV and using smartphones as they want to play games or watch movies, but they would not like to go outside and play with other children."

According to a report of the UNICEF, the overuse of technology affects children physically, psychologically and socially.

A lecturer and psychologist, Ayesha, says that overuse of technology by children shows the carelessness of the parents.“We should teach ethics to our children at home. Parents do not have much time for their children to care for their emotional and social learning. People often complain that their children disrespect them, but it is the consequences of our own behaviour,” she said.

Tauqeer Ali, a primary schoolteacher hailing from Mardan district, says that children who are addicted to overusing technology do not give adequate time to their books.

The use of Internet is very common nowadays. Google chrome is a profitable application but it has also access to millions of sites which are very harmful for the students. Sometimes the students might get access to 18+ (age) sites which have material inappropriate to the level of young students and such sites negatively affect them.

“We should keep an eye on our children when they use modern technology because technology has both negative and positive impacts,” he added.

Samina, a housewife, says that the overuse of technology like social media affected children’s minds.“When children use mobile phones, it has a bad impact on their eyesight too,” she said.  

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