Muhammad Ayub Khan appointed as Senator at WBAF

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PESHAWAR: The World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) – an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) has appointed Muhammad Ayub Khan, CEO, Zakori Group as Senator for Pakistan who will represent the country at the Grand Assembly of the forum.

A press release issued by WBAF here on the other day says that by this development Pakistan is now more connected with global investment markets, adding that the inclusion of Pakistan in WBAF will provide a wide range of opportunities for Pakistan’s start-ups, scaleups and high growth businesses by opening the doors for economic development.

The press release states that with this appointment, Pakistan has joined the largest forum of the world’s equity investment markets and will now be able to connect more with the global investors market which will open up splendid opportunities for the country.

Now local angel investors, incubation centers, accelerators, private equity funds, co-investment funds, technology parks, corporate ventures and aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan will have more opportunity to connect with global leaders in the same field, adds the press release.

Baybars Altuntas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the WBAF, says, “As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnerships for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the WBAF supports start-ups, develops entrepreneurial ecosystems and helps venture capital and companies connect with international companies, fintechs and other relevant institutions. We are confident about our contribution to the economic development of the country by facilitating connections with entrepreneurial ecosystems. We strongly believe that Pakistan will soon become a country that can foster the development of its economy in a more entrepreneurial atmosphere.”

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