Elimination of single-use plastics stressed

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ISLAMABAD: Environmentalists have started their efforts worldwide to call business and global leaders to phase out single-use plastic (SUP) by addressing the plastic pollution and climate crises. In this regard, onsite and online activities were organized in many cities around the world on Friday to mark the Refuse Single Use Day.

Led by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA), Zero Waste Youth, and their allies expressed their demand to eliminate the production of SUPs. According to them, around 400 million tons of plastics are produced every year, of which less than 10 percent are recycled, while continued plastic production and consumption heats up global climate temperature, depletes our resources, intoxicates the environment and creates public health issues, feeds incinerators, and chokes landfills and oceans.

The most problematic form of plastic was SUP meant for one-time use such as cups, cutleries, bottles, stirrers and bags, they said, adding that Refuse Single Use Day was the opening of the International Zero Waste Month (IZWM) as GAIA together with its members and partners had doubled down its commitment to create a global movement to end waste pollution.

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