Religious scholars support Afghan girls’ education

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PESHAWAR: The Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) engaged religious scholars from Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss and devise recommendations on the issues of mutual interest here on the other day.

The discussion keenly focused on the state of women’s rights in Afghanistan, economic repatriation and unfreezing of Afghan assets, an all-encompassing system of governance including all ethnic groups, and regional peace and security.

During the dialogue, the religious scholars voiced ardent support for Afghan girls’ and women’s rights to education and work. They also remained open to the idea of including religious fraternity in matters beyond the issues of vice and virtue, for instance, bilateral trade, human rights, peace, security and tolerance in the region.

The major watershed in the engagement with the religious fraternity was a comprehensive joint statement that there was high need for more synchronized cooperation on core bilateral issues, stabilization of Afghan economy and social infrastructure, and normalizing education for girls and women.

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