Research scholar Anjum defends Ph.D thesis

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PESHAWAR: A research scholar, Anjum of the Department of Agronomy, Agriculture University Peshawar (AUP) has successfully defended his Ph.D thesis here on Tuesday.

The thesis defense function was attended by faculty members, research scholars and students, and followed by a question-answer session in which the scholar successfully defended his research work by answering the questions of the participants in a scholarly way.

The topic of his thesis is: “Improving Wheat productivity through farmyard manure decomposition using Organic and Inorganic amendments” which he completed under the supervision of Dr Ahmad Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy, AUP, while it was examined by several eminent professors in Japan and Australia.

After the defense function, the scholar told press reporters that his research was of great important and if the government and the concerned authorities pay their utmost attention to that, the wheat productivity would be increased to a high level in the country.

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