Pashto poets captivate students with their inspiring poetic pieces

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: Pashto poets from parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal districts captivated University at an annual mushaira with their inspiring poems. The grand Pashto poetry recitation session was arranged under the auspices of Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) on last Thursday at its main Hall. Large number of students, teachers and poetry lovers attended the event. Around 20 poets participated in the annual event.  

Most poets advocated peace, patriotism, universal values, and mutual respect. Some poets satirized the so called political leaders yet others targeted the outdated social norms of Pakhtuns and some even touched upon the current geopolitical situation being developed in the region.  They however, advised young students to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges and asked them to focus on their studies.  

Opening the event, the acting Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar, Prof Dr Jauhar Ali said that the PUTA should be credited for conducting such healthy activities for the students on campus and it would instill a new spirit among them for crafting creative images because poets always gave a ray of hope and encouragement. He said that young students required opportunities to bring out their hidden talent as poetry was the best way to express one’s inner self.  

Prof Dr Fazl e Nasir, chief of the PUTA in his remarks said that his organization had been arranging different social, cultural and literary activities for grooming of the students with an objective to let them know the significance of literature and literati. He said that among all such activities poetry recitation session had been the most favourite events with university students.   He said that participation of both male and female students was quite encouraging.  

A social activist and poet Dr Roshan Kalim on the occasion said that it was a good omen that girl students had been taking interest in cultural and literary events alongside their male counterparts and it would improve study environment on the campus. She said that the PUTA should further take steps to revive such worthwhile environment on the campus.  She said that girl students should not hesitate to express themselves at such events.  

Anwar Khan Marwat, a senior Pashto poet stole the show by reciting an inspiring poem titled ‘Mohabat’ which fetched him rounds of applause from the tasteful audience.  He said that there should be mutual love and respect all around and hatred should never be given a chance again on Pakhtuns land. Afsar Afghan and Rashid Khan, two young poets also were given a standing ovation on their beautiful poetry rendition.  

Shazia Junaid Khattak, a student of the Institute of Peace and Conflicts Studies, University of Peshawar said that she and her class- fellows not only enjoyed the grand mushaira but also learnt much from the senior guest-poets. She said that poetry session had always been the most favourite event with young students on the campus and should be continued.  

Senior progressive Pashto poet, Rahmat Shah Sail while speaking as chief guest said that poets and writers should be given due respect in the society as their role was significant when it came to a substantive change and in instilling a spirit for bringing out their talent with confidence.  

Noted poets including Aziz Manirwal, Kalsoom Zeb, Prof Aseer Mangal, Prof Dr Sher Zaman Seemab, Prof Dr Ahmad Ali Aajiz, Afsar Afghan, Prof Owais Qarnai and Rashid Khan recited their poetic pieces and received appreciation from the participants.  

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