Speakers term Prof Izhar’s poetry a new wind of creative thought

Sher Alam Shinwari  

PESHAWAR: Speakers at a literary event called upon poets and writers to use their creative talent for spreading peace narrative and motivate a spirit among masses to know their own rights over their resources. They said that being eyes and ears of the nation, literati should come forward to guide people to own their national heroes and give respect to those who had rendered sacrifices for a just Pakhtun cause .  

Young poet, Afsarul Mulk Afghan moderated the event and sprinkled popular Pashto couplets in between his hosting remarks. He is known for crispy, sharp, and catchy phrases.  

Speakers expressed these views on the occasion of launching ceremony of a new Pashto poetry volume titled “Zakham Da Gulab Da Cham Sandara Shwa” by Prof Dr Izharullah Izhar held at Bacha Khan Markaz, here on Thursday. Large number of poets, writers, social activists and poetry lovers attended the function.  

Addressing the gathering, General Secretary, of Awami National Party, (ANP), Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that responsibilities of the poets and writers became manifold in such a time when Pakhtun region had been passing through the most difficult phase of a political turmoil.  

He said that poets and writers, intellectual and scholars had great contribution in the Khudai Khidmatgaar movement and Bacha Khan had a great regard for literati. He asked poets to give a special space in their writings for advocating non-violence peace narrative. Mr. Hussain also read out poem from the new collection of the poet and received great applause from the audience.

A senior Pashto poet Israr Toru pointed out that poets and writers were aware of their responsibilities and tried their best to fulfil them in a befitting manner. He said that Professor Izhar’s new poetry would prove a mile stone for the budding Pashto poets because his poetry always carried in an imaginative flight for motivating the masses. The new poetry collection would serve as a new window of creative of thought.  

Professor Abaseen Yousafzai while chairing the event said that it was the 21st volume by the poet who not only had contributed to Pashto but also to Urdu and therefore had a special respect among the literary circles for his great literary acumen. He said that Mr. Izhar had a talent to play on words and also had a vision to create even new literary genres. He said that Haiku found a due place due to Prof Izharullah Izhar's expression.  

Senior writer Prof. Aseer Mangal in his remarks said that the new Pashto poetry collection as usual would cast a magic impact on the readers because of its diction, similes and metaphor and other poetic devices he had used . He said Mr. Izhar had always inspired others to create images well in accordance with the situation being developed around us.  

Kulsoom Zeb, poet and President of “Da Khwendy Adabi Lakhkar” (KHAL), a literary organization of women writers said that the poet’s new collection would prove a crash course for those who had a taste for creating new images because Mr Izhar  had a master hand as well as a beautiful vision. She said not only for poets Mr. Izhar’s writing also had served as a source of inspiration for common readers.  

Noted Pashto poet and folk singer, Karan Khan while sharing his views said that he had always drawn great inspiration from the poetry of Mr. Izhar and had composed most of his pieces into music. He said that his new poetry book had great contents which would inspire folk singers too and would motivate a peaceful image of Pakhtuns.  

Administrator of Bacha Khan Markaz Ijaz Yousafzai, Editor Pakhtun magazine Hayat Roghani, Prof Noorul Amin Yousafzai, Singer Rashid Khan, Prof Abid Khattak and Afsarul Mulk  Afghan also spoke at the event.

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