Literati received awards, cash for best literary and research works

Sher Alam Shinwari

PESHAWAR: The Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar chapter gave away awards and cash prize Rs 10,000 each to Pashto, Hindko and Urdu poets, writers and scholars for producing best literary and research works during 2017-18 and the Abasin Arts Council Adabi awards winners included ten poets,  writers and scholars namely Bushra Farrukh, Fareed Arsh, Akhtar Reza Saleemi, Syed Zubair Shah, Aftab Iqbal Bano, Mohammad Zahir Shah Zahir, Gul Mohammad Bitab, Saeed Gilani, Nazeer Bhatti, and Imtiaz-ulhaq Imtiaz.

The awards ceremony was held at the auditorium of KP culture directorate, here on Friday.  Large number of students, young writers and bibliophiles attended the function.  

Speaking as chief guest, Prof Dr Qibla Ayaz, chairman of the Council of the Islamic Council Ideology (CII) on the occasion pointed out that poets, writers and research scholars played great role in shaping the ideas of our society. He said that shelving social sciences caused us great damage on all levels and our values were being eroded every moment. “Literati are considered the spice of the earth because they keep the society alive and motivate a spirit among the masses to love their land, values and people.  It is the foremost responsibility of the writers and social scientists to lead the society in a right direction,” Mr Ayaz advised.  

Mushtaq Shabab, honourary secretary of Abasin Arts Council while expressing his views that literati had made great improvements in their respective fields and their works would benefit the readers in many ways. He said that writers and researchers sent their entries and panelists of Urdu, Pashto and Hindko selected the best titles on the basis of their quality, contents and way of expression.  

Mr Shabab said that the Abasin Arts Council Adabi awards had been started in 70s with cash prize Rs 500 but then the cash prize was increased to Rs 5,000 and presently it was increased to Rs 10, 000 but unfortunately, it was stopped and was restarted after 20 years in the tenure of MMA government.  He said that AAC had been doing the job with transparency.  

Bushra Farrukh and Fareed Arsh received Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar and Prof Shafi Sabir awards for their best Urdu poetry collections –Mujhe Awaz Mat Dena and Raig Rawan while Akhtar Reza Saleemi, and Syed Zubair Shah, got Allah Bakhsh Yousafi and Prof Shafi Sabir awards for their best Urdu fiction works–Jandar and Yekhbasts Dehleez, similarly Justice Kiyani award went to Aftab Bano for her Urdu research /compilation titled ‘Mera Dilbar Shehar’.  

Rahman Baba and Khushal Khan Khattak awards were grabbed by Mohammad Zahir Shah Zahir and Gul Mohammad Bitab respectively for their best Pashto poetry volume titled ‘Da Wakhtono Karra Maar Ke’ and best Pashto prose work –Da Chanchanrru Toot and Saeed Gilani, Nazeer Bhatti and Imtiaz-ulhaq Imtiaz were given Abasin Arts Council Adabi awards in the name of Syain Ahmad Ali, Reza Hamdani and Farigh Bukhari for their best Hindko poetry, prose and research/compilation works under the titles of Peepal Watre, LikhaLikhiya and Allama Iqbal Kee Muntakhab Nazmein.  

Abdur Rauf Ruhaila, chairman of the Abasin Arts Council, Peshawar and Prof Dr Nazeer Tabbasum also spoke at the ceremony.  

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