Islamia College teachers become millionaires by private ventures

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PESHAWAR: An investigation has revealed that several faculty members of Islamia College University Peshawar are engaged in running their private academies and other businesses, violating the university rules and government regulations. This practice not only undermines the university’s integrity but also exploits the students financially.

Sources within the university disclosed that more than a dozen teachers, including some senior faculty members, are operating their private academies in various parts of the city, even near Islamia College. These academies, often marketed as ‘tuition centers’, provide coaching services to students, particularly those preparing for entrance tests for medical, dental, and engineering colleges. The teachers leverage their academic positions to attract students, charging high fees that exceed the university’s tuition fees.

The investigation revealed that these academies operate with no official registration or licenses, using social media and word-of-mouth advertising to attract students. Many teachers have registered their academies in the name of their spouses or children to avoid detection by authorities. This practice has allowed some faculty members to amass considerable wealth, including purchasing properties in upscale areas of the city, which would be unattainable on a university salary alone.

A faculty member, speaking anonymously, confirmed these activities and highlighted that university salaries were merely supplementary income for such teachers, the real income was derived from their private ventures. Despite the denials of property ownership by these teachers, the faculty member suggested that anti-corruption authorities could easily investigate and verify the claims.

A senior official at Islamia College University acknowledged the existence of such practices but minimized their prevalence, suggesting that only a few teachers were involved.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has strict rules and regulations, prohibiting public sector university teachers from running private businesses without approval. These rules mandate that teachers must dedicate their full attention to their university duties only.

Parents and students expressed anger and disappointment upon learning about these unethical practices. A parent remarked, “We trusted these teachers to educate our children, not to exploit them for personal gain.” A group of parents urged the university administration and the KP government to take immediate action against these teachers to restore the integrity of Islamia College.

When contacted for a comment, the Vice Chancellor, Islamia College University, Prof Dr Ali Mohammad responded, “You do your story, I can’t say anything in this regard.”

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