Ghost teachers at private universities


Although, most of the private sector universities and professional colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are doing multiple academic and other violations, but here, an important issue is being highlighted and that is the existence of ghost faculty members over there.

Ghost teaching faculty means that these universities are using the CVs of qualified professionals, but not providing them with job opportunities of teaching in person, which is a gross violation of law. This practice is not only violating the rights of qualified persons, but also adversely affecting the standard of education.

The above mentioned situation very clearly describes the extreme level of academic corruption by these institutions of higher education and research that is highly compromising the quality of education and risking the future of thousands of students in the province.

The issue of the presence of ghost teachers is not confined only to private sector universities, but a large number of private sector professional colleges, particularly medical and dental colleges and allied health sciences institutes, are also committing this violation. In this regard, they have well qualified faculty members in their official documents for showing to relevant authorities, but on ground they don’t exist and mostly, non-qualified and inexperienced professionals teach there.

Last but not the least, the wages of such teaching faculty at these institutions are also very low and not more than that of daily wage laborers, which is a matter of big shame for the whole society that teachers are being paid less than non-skilled workers.

Therefore, Higher Education Commission, Higher Education Regulatory Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and other concerned authorities and high-ups should take immediate notice of this huge academic corruption in KP and take a drastic action against such institutions to protect the rights of qualified teaching professionals and the future of the students.

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