Climate change cause to earthquake, drought: speakers

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SWABI: Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) arranged a workshop at the University of Swabi under the title, ‘Resilient Education in Pakistan’ here on Wednesday to highlight the issue of climate change and its impact on public.

Zehra Arshad, National Coordinator, PCE, faculty members, research scholars, students and people from different walks of life participated on the occasion, and declared discussing the climate crisis very much important for society.

Addressing the participants, the speakers said, “Due to climate change issue, more than 30 million people have affected in Pakistan since 2016 in which majority are children, which is a very alarming figure.”

“There is high need for awareness on climate change among all the segments of society, as without educating the public we cannot achieve the goal of addressing the climate crisis in the country,” stated the speakers.

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